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Cloud Based RIS Workflow 

Bridging the Gap Between PACS and Cloud-Based Workflow


Agnostic Automated Zero Foot Print Solutions 

Partnership Program

Our team is focused on making our platform efficient and cost effective while taking a partnership approach to meeting  your needs.


We understand that your business needs can change rapidly therefore we work hard to ensure your requests and needs are incorporated into the product. 

To understand more about our approach and partnership program please give us a call. 


Smart Worklist 

Smart Worklist allows you to control what you see and how you want to see it. Customize your work ennvironment to how you practice medicine. 

Zero-Footprint Viewer

Our Universal viewer is designed to optimize you workflow while reducing costs. We give you a web based diagnostic viewer that gives you access from anywhere in the world. 

We continue to deploy new innovations and solutions that lead to faster and better diagnoses and outcomes for your patients. 

Co-Pilot Mode 

Concierge mode allows you to focus on reading and practicing medicine. The Concierge mode handles all of your non-clinical workload allowing you to focus on the patient.

Partnership Program

Join our Partnership program and work with us side by side to improve your workflow while at the same time advancing our products. Learn more on how this unique program can put you into a competitive advantage.

Unprecedented Technology . Impeccable Reliability.

Your business is facing tremendous uncertainty, given evolving technological regulatory mandates. We continue to be at the forefront of incorporating and maintaining regulatory compliance in technology and practice operations. We feel that we provide a unique service offering given our size and capabilities.  If your contemplating IT Security infrastructure,  and compliance level issues across your practice, let us help design an effective solution. 

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Workflow Automation


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